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Buckshot Farms was established in the early 1990 s by John and April Sampson. The Sampsons, and their daughter, Cori Vokoun, have been actively showing and breeding performance horses for 25 years. The Buckshot horses have achieved national recognition in the Arabian industry, in several major disciplines: English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Halter, and Reining. To date, Buckshot Farms have accumulated over 40 National Arabian titles, over half of which have been in the reining division. In recent years, the American Quarter Horse and NRHA competition has also become a focus of Buckshot Farms, with several horses winning NRHA earnings.

Currrently, Buckshot Farms breeds Arabians, Half Arabians, and American Quarter Horses for the competitive show arena. The Buckshot horses are known for their quality, temperament, and trainability. The farm is located on the southern edge of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Farm manager, Roberto Suarez, handles the breeding operation, stallion management, and care of the horses at Buckshot Farms. Roberto's program includes extensive work with foals early in life to enable them to be cooperative and easy to handle for a lifetime.

We welcome trainer, Silvio Domingues Da Silva! He is an accomplished trainer in English, Western, Hunter, and Driving. He specializing in preparing elite amateur and youth competitors and their horses for National level competition.